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Order Class Matters: Cross-Class Alliance Building for Middle-Class Activists by Betsy Leondar-Wright (New Society Publishers, 2005).

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Classist Comments

What's the most classist thing you ever heard someone say?

(I'm not talking about someone like Bill O'Reilly or your right-wing uncle. More specifically, what's the most classist thing you ever heard a liberal or progressive person say?)

Read five interviewees' answers — and my own.

Class and Other Identities

How do you experience class differently because of your race, ethnic group, religion, gender, age, or other identity? What class dynamics do you notice within your identity groups?

Here's how a few visitors answered those questions:

And answers from the Class Matters book:

Betsy Leondar-Wright

Betsy Leondar-Wright

Betsy Leondar-Wright

For nine years I was the Communications Director at United for a Fair Economy, and I co-authored UFE's new book The Color of Wealth: The Story Behind the U.S. Racial Wealth Divide. I'm the Project Director and Senior Trainer at Class Action, a non-profit that raises consciousness about class and money.

I interviewed 40 diverse activists, and some of those interviews can be found here.

Please feel free to email me.

The following is a list of articles I have written that appear on this website:

  • Article

    It's not "them," it's us

    For professional middle-class progressives activists like myself, the idea that working-class people would have any negative reactions to our subculture, in particular our values-based "alternative" norms, can be hard to fathom.

  • Article

    Are There Class Cultures?

    Yes, in my experience, I think there are differences of experience that do in fact socialize most American people into one of four distinct cultural groups: chronic poverty, working-class/lower-middle-class, professional middle-class and owning class.

  • Book Tour Stories and Reflections

    Is Talking about Class Cultures a Taboo on the Left?

    The most fun I had on book tour with my book Class Matters was having unpredictable conversations with audience members and workshop participants, ranging from the deep and strategic to the annoying and absurd.

  • Article

    Classism from Our Mouths

    We've all learned classist prejudices, and none of us has completely eradicated them from our minds, or from our speech.

  • Article

    Street Clash in Boston

    How class entered the debate between the Dems and the Greens. Read more.

  • Article

    Dilemmas of Community Organizers

    "Often the paid organizers in low-income communities come from professional middle-class backgrounds. I worked as a community organizer for many years, and the class dynamics can be tricky..."

  • Article

    The Forgotten Majority

    Isn't it mysterious why so many working-class people, especially white men, vote against their economic interests? There are three really great books that explain this troubling phenomenon: