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Order Class Matters: Cross-Class Alliance Building for Middle-Class Activists by Betsy Leondar-Wright (New Society Publishers, 2005).

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Classist Comments

What's the most classist thing you ever heard someone say?

(I'm not talking about someone like Bill O'Reilly or your right-wing uncle. More specifically, what's the most classist thing you ever heard a liberal or progressive person say?)

Read five interviewees' answers — and my own.

Class and Other Identities

How do you experience class differently because of your race, ethnic group, religion, gender, age, or other identity? What class dynamics do you notice within your identity groups?

Here's how a few visitors answered those questions:

And answers from the Class Matters book:

Class and Other Identities

Latinos and Class

In Laredo, on the border in Texas, it's all class. The rich landowners are "Hispanics," and everybody else is "Latinos." In high school I knew this kid who always wore a sweatshirt that said "Brown." I thought it meant he had a lot of Chicano pride. He let me think that, then years later told me that all his sisters and brothers went to that college. I had never heard of the Ivy League.

—Tomás Aguilar

In an analysis of oppression in Puerto Rico, in relationship with the US, colonialism is the extension of racism across borders, implemented through military force and economic policy. Race and class are intimately linked.

—Raúl Quiñones Rosado