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Classist Comments

What's the most classist thing you ever heard someone say?

(I'm not talking about someone like Bill O'Reilly or your right-wing uncle. More specifically, what's the most classist thing you ever heard a liberal or progressive person say?)

Read five interviewees' answers — and my own.

Class and Other Identities

How do you experience class differently because of your race, ethnic group, religion, gender, age, or other identity? What class dynamics do you notice within your identity groups?

Here's how a few visitors answered those questions:

And answers from the Class Matters book:

Tips from Working-Class Activists

Talk Less, Listen More

At a peace festival in a working-class area of Philadelphia, the Veterans for Peace were there. This working-class guy brought up the subject of anti-war coalition meetings. "They're getting worse and worse, less and less practical. They must think verbosity makes peace. They exhaust me. I have to go home and get up to get the kids to school and go to work. I can't stay as long as people who have more discretion in when to get up. I have to stop going to these meetings."

— George Lakey

There's a woman who I think of as one of my best allies. But when I would say to her, "So & so said this to me," and I wanted her to be my ally about classism, she'd say "She didn't really mean it that way." One time I said, "I know she didn't mean it that way, but I need you to understand that I'm feeling hurt and listen and be a friend and not try to fix it." After that, she got it, and we became really close.

— Linda Stout

In many organizations I've been part of, decision-making is hard. Middle-class people with more education are just faster and more articulate. Others are silenced because they can't keep up with the style of arguing.

— Barbara Willer